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Child Development Center


Girls playing with toys

The Cats room provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children to explore throughout their day. Teachers design the environment and experiences based on children’s developmental needs and individual interests. Experiences with teachers, peers, language,
movement, blocks, music, books, nature, water, sand, art and dramatic play materials enhance children’s growth and development. These experiences are documented for families on a private classroom Facebook page. 

Children are encouraged to explore their environment independently. Because exploring with all your senses can be a messy process, we ask families to dress children with this in mind. In addition, children go outdoors in all kinds of weather, so it is important that families provide
appropriate outerwear for each season as well as appropriate walking shoes.

Mealtime is both a physical and social-emotional process. This is a time to try new foods, use developing language skills, engage in social interactions and practice self-help skills. Mealtimes are a family style dining experience and teachers guide children to be as independent as
possible. Weekly menus are posted in the room.

Napping is also an important part of the day. In the Cats room children nap on cots which are made more comfortable by a sheet and blanket provided by either the family or center. Teachers may help children relax by reading stories, playing soft music, or rubbing backs. While some children may not nap, all children must spend some time resting every day.

Perhaps the most prominent developmental milestone for toddlers is potty training. All diapering and toileting in the Cats room is done in a relaxed manner which allows children to grow and development on individual timelines. Teachers work as partners with parents when children are showing signs of becoming interested in potty training.

Teachers document children’s experiences through the use of photographs, dictation, and artwork. Teachers will also share your child’s experiences with you at drop off and pick up times. In addition, individual conferences are held two times a year or as needed throughout the year. During your child's conference, assessments and photographs are shared with parents. This is a time to collaborate with families and create goals for their child.

We look forward to developing relationships with children and their families as we walk through this journey of learning.